What will be our iteration of web3 for renewable energy?

As the power grid moves from a top-down centrally managed system to a bidirectional market with many more assets at the grid edge, coordination becomes key. As the blockchain technology matures, it becomes more versatile to the point that it can be replicable in any geography and can realistically offer borderless interactions. Despite the numerous potential benefits of blockchain solutions already in the power sector, new applications with user-friendly interfaces are needed. Our purpose has always been to utilize to the best of our ability the data obtained from renewable systems and automatize, standardize, and support predictive maintenance to reduce downtime, human interaction and inform changes across organizational levels. As we transition towards a web3 era, our secondary motivations will be to expand outlets for data-driven renewable energy economy. In lieu with the current market systems relating to voluntary carbon markets, our focus will be to introduce eco-friendly green activities and allow individuals to participate directly or indirectly in the energy transition.

Opportunities can rise in efforts to connect players in the traditional energy market and industry with individuals who wish to engage in clean energy - to localize as well as decentralize and democratize energy and expand to outer boundaries of the energy grid. M2M connections that add data autonomously to the ledger in real-time can form the basis for creating energy certification or proof of actions across value chain and across various iterations of voluntary carbon-neutral activities. Lastly, STO and its application to the renewable energy processes will remain a viable option to be elaborated upon, pending further clarifications to regulatory requirements and standards. Our hope is that these incremental investments to technological maturation and optimization of energy-blockchain integration can spur more individual-level interactions and participation in the otherwise relatively secluded industry sector. This foundation and vision will hope to be translated to new innovative services to be released in the coming months.

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