Digital Renewables (dr) is a 'simulation-to-earn' campaign where users can experience solar economy first-hand, while engaging in online activities for a chance to win tokenized rewards.

dr incorporates actual renewable energy data that is consolidated within the redi infranet blockchain ecosystem, and transforms them into digital solar assets to be selected by users who wish to experience the daily operations and management of solar power productions in a decentralized space. Users can engage in the everyday activities to oversee and optimize daily power production, which in many markets around the world, the energy produced in solar power can be sold, traded, and transmitted in the daily energy market for the highest monetary value - the more energy produced, the higher the returns. Some of the actual economic activities that are mirrored within the dr simulation includes:

  • real-time tracking of day-to-day solar energy production

  • assessment of solar output efficiency (historical & regional comparative analysis)

  • on-site mechanics and periodic technical due diligence

Solar assets made available to users in dr are digital replicas of actual solar power plants that currently participate in the redi blockchain ecosystem. Based on hundreds of solar power plants located in various regions in South Korea, we have gathered a wide range of energy data from years of operations into identifiable markers for simulation purposes. As a result, a total of ten (10) solar power plants have been selected to be transformed into digital solar assets in the dr simulation, in exchange for tokenized rewards for allowing access to their unique renewable energy data ownership. In essence, we have opened up a unique web3 experience using renewable energy data, by engineering an expansion to our proposed REDI token economy in which users can monetize their data by providing them with tokens for their online interactions.

Beginning on July 24th 2023, a total of twenty (20) rounds will commence using ten (10) digital solar assets. Participants are tasked in selecting a solar power plant which shows the most potential, assessing its daily power production for a duration of one week, and engaging in the necessary operations and management activities to boost its power production. At the end of every round, the users with the highest points will be rewarded, either in REDI (NFT), and/or unique gameplay items that can be utilized in the following rounds for yet another chance to win tokenized rewards.

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