how points are calculated

Measuring solar energy

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are often represented as kilowatt-peak (kWp) which is the rate at which they generate energy at peak performance, such as when the radiance is the highest on a sunny afternoon. When a solar power plant is operating, it will convert the sun's radiance into electrical energy, which is measured in in kilowatt-hours (kWh). For example, a PV system with a 1,000 kWp (or 1MWp) which operates at maximum capacity for one hour will produce 1,000 KWh. Over the course of the day in operation, the amount of energy produced will create a bell-shaped production curve as the amount of radiance increases and decreases from sunrise to sunset.The energy output of an identical solar PV system can vary on a daily basis, however, depending on multiple environmental factors, such as daily temperature, humidity, and even the amount shading covering the solar panels.

Thus, considering how energy output of solar PV systems are measured, and due to the fluctuations created by multiple mechanical and environmental factors, each solar power plant can show different outputs (measured in hours) everyday, regardless of its actual max capacity (measured in kWp).

Daily points: hours to points

For simulation purposes, solar output for assets in redi dr are converted from hours to points. When daily power outputs are announced, basic points are awarded to each power plant by its rank among the ten digital assets, with the highest producing solar asset being awarded with the maximum points that day.






















applying items to boost points

In redi dr, you have the chance to boost points of your selected solar asset, by applying a combination of factors such as i) team items, ii) card upgrade, and iii) point boost.

itemboost effectnotes

team item

1.1xfor each team item

each solar asset must acquire 50 or more of the same team item to acquire daily boost

upgrade coupon

i) rare: 1.2x ii) epic: 1.4x iii) unique: 1.6x

card level (ex. basic, rare etc) randomly assigned to solar asset daily

point boost

i) 10% : 1.1 ii) 20% : 1.2

can only apply one (1) point boost daily

item combinations

when multiple items of different kinds are applied to the solar asset, the boost effect can be multiplied on the corresonding daily points tally:

  • when one or more team items are applied: additive effect ex. when two team items are applied: basic points +(1.1 + 1.1) = basic points * 1.2

  • when one or more of different items are applied: multiply effect ex. rare card (1.2) + one team item (1.1) + 10% point boost (1.1) = basic points * (1.2*1.1*1.1) = basic points * 1.452

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