gameplay schedule

for the most engaging virtual experience, activities within the dr simulation can be broken down into daily schedules with specific time limits for which users can apply actions during the on-going round.


9:00 - 14:15 (everyday)

select your solar asset

to participate for each play round, select your solar power plant based on your assessment and solar knowledge

9:00 - 14:15 (everyday)

apply your items (team items, coupons)

once your solar asset is selected, select your items from your inventory to boost production and your overall points tally

9:00 - 18:25 (everyday)

apply point boost

you have a chance to boost points until 5 minutes before daily results are announced

15:00 ~ (everyday)

check daily solar output

daily solar output for every participating solar asset is announced (in hours equivalent produced)

18:30 ~ (everyday)

check preliminary rankings

rankings are updated everyday based on power output and items applied by users

every sunday @ 18:30

check final ranking for each round and claim your rewards

final ranking board for each round in announced & rewards are distributed to winners


  • all times are based on korean standard time (KST)

  • NFT staking & buyback, shop, and marketplace features are open to users at all times during each round

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