All items in the dr simulation have the benefit of maximizing your chances to boost production or your overall points. Come up with the best strategies to claim your highest place in the ranking.

  1. team items

for each team items, when 50 or more have been accumulated by ecosystem players, points are boosted by 110%.

iconitem namedescription


weeding is important to cut grass that obstructs solar irradiance on solar panels


cleaning necessary on surfaces of solar modules, around other hardware components, and wirings on a regular basis

module coating

module coating minimizes dust and chemicals to accumulate on solar panels


optimizers are additional sensors attached to each solar panel for in-depth power output data analysis

  1. upgrade coupon

upgrade coupons have the potential to boost the production output of digital solar assets

  1. random box

you may earn random boxes, which when opened can reward you with a wide range of possible rewards

normal random box

rare random box

  1. point boost

if selected, each point boost item will exponentially increase your points

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