Redi infranet: blockchain-based energy marketplace

Our unique propositions are centered on the ideals that convergence of AI, blockchain, and IoT can pave the way for a more decentralized and collaborative version of renewable energy production and distribution. Initial efforts to produce a one-of-a-kind energy data collection device tailored to solar PV plants have provided the foundation for utilizing blockchain for micro-transitions, or communications between many players and energy assets. Our key developments and service layers are all tailored towards recording and managing energy data in ways that guarantee data transparency, trust , and verifiability. This decentralized network of trust is the core of all services we have rolled out to the otherwise conventional and one-dimensional solar PV operations market, where data consolidation is the key to optimized renewable asset management. Our focus is to turn energy data to value - whether it's taking current methodologies to new frontiers of efficiency, or introducing never-before seen application models for every individual.

REDi infranet is essentially a decentralized energy data marketplace, where energy data from renewables are consolidated to actionable insights and value-driven opportunities for energy producers as well as service providers. Our aim is to build and expand the current renewable energy landscape towards a collaborative and democratized social platform for all economic actions pertaining to renewable energy production, distribution and consumption.

1) DERs data integration

Through the convergence of IoT and blockchain, our smart devices are installed at PV site level to collect and consolidate production and operational data from solar PV systems in real time. In acknowledgement of data ownership and to incentivize energy producers to participate in the consolidation of verifiable energy data, REDi tokens are distributed in exchange for data consumed upon the platform, currently in PV systems monitoring but also in a wider range of community-based applications to be released in the future.

2) Data Marketplace

We offer various services (both hardware and software) tailored to optimized DER operations and asset management. These individual service offerings are all interconnected on the REDi infranet platform for a decentralized and end-to-end trading and interactive ecosystem of participants. As the energy market matures and becomes more integrated to the supply and consumer side of the market, future and potential participants to the RE sphere will have the opportunity to access information which was once fragmented and confined to only the major players in the current market.

3) Information archive

Considering the fact that solar PV systems usually operate over a span of more than 20 years, a systemized and secure archive of energy data is integral to the sustained transparency and trust in the energy industry. Specifically to the solar PV sector, more solar PVs are entering the buy-and-trade and/or refinancing stage, where like used-car buy-and-sell, actual and verifiable data is essential to promoting fair trade and transactions between market participants. Additionally, data consolidated from each power plant will have the access to be consolidated into the big data pool, where integration of each individual data to other readily available data are utilized through artificial intelligence and machine learning towards offering data-based tailored consulting or derivative services.

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