data acquisition

IoT essentially means letting machines communicate, and this is currently the essence of DER management. From conceptualization, we took a multi-stage approach for implementation of our unique smart metering device - from setting sensors, data collection, data pre-processing, and cybersecurity risk management. Incorporating blockchain technology within the device level has allowed a fool-proof mechanism for acquiring energy data from each installed solar power plant. Recently with refined guidelines to remote monitoring of utility-scale solar PV plants in Korea (1MW and above), we were swift to develop an iteration of the previous design to accommodate actual remote-based control (on/off) of large-scale PV plants in case of emergency, or intermittent system downtime where reboot is necessary. Recently, we have also applied system malfunction detection algorithms within the device level with aims to minimize the data transmission load and potential data loss from device to blockchain interface. As a result, we have so far installed smart devices to over 700 solar PV plants domestically. Additionally, in regards to the IoT smart metering device, we continuously invested in continued research and development, amounting to 2 patent registrations and 1 patent pending pertaining to methods of blockchain integration to IoT smart metering devices.

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