What is raffle?

Starting from round 5, users will be given the opportunity to participate in weekly raffle for a chance to win a collection of items to use in redi dr. Raffle is divided into two modes: 1) Ticket and 2) lotto. For both types of raffle modes, users will need to purchase a ticket to enter the selected weekly raffle round, whereby users selected as the weekly winners are awarded with the proposed batch of items. For ticket mode, winners are selected by random selection based on the number of participants per item, while participants who have entered the correct set of numbers by the end of the round are eventually awarded in lotto mode.

The participation fee is set to amount less of the total value of items that can be earned when selected as winners for that round, whether such items can be purchased in the existing “shop” or “marketplace”.

Raffle is aimed to give users new possibilities to attain items needed to boost points for their selected solar assets in redi dr. While each solar asset may vary daily in terms of production hours, items used can give greater control and possibilities to users for achieving highers points per participating rounds.

To ensure that all participating users are given equal possibilities to win per round, every raffle logic - either ticket or lotto mode - is set prior to initiation, and every round is operated upon the blockchain network for transparency.

How to participate (quick guide):

Select either 1) ticket, or 2) lotto as a mode of participation. Each round lasts one week, beginning on Monday (12am KST) trough Sunday (~ 6pm KST)


Ticket mode

Lotto mode


Select one batch of items to bet

4 numbers out of a total of 15

(1 ~ 15)


Ticket per selection

Lotto ticket

Winning conditions

Randomly selected from a predetermined number of winners per round

If 2 or more correct numbers have been selected per round

Additional criteria

Winners are always elected per round, even when not all participation slots are filled until end of round

Winning numbers awarded regardless of selection sequence or color type

Max participation

10 per item for each round

10 for each round

REDI Payback (for ticket mode only)

In addition to the selected items, winners for each ticket mode will receive an additional rewards in REDI payback. Of the total REDI amount that is accumulated from the purchased ticket for each participated item round, selected winners will receive 1~ 2% payback. For example, winners of the random box will be able to each collect (in addition to the items) 1% of the total REDI purchased amount for a maximum of 30% payback pool for when 30 users had participated in that certain ticket mode round.


  • Winners are announced every Sunday at 6pm (KST)

  • Results for each round is recorded through the raffle “dashboard”. For lotto mode, the winning ticket per round (and its winning numbers) is disclosed after every round.

  • Each user can track their current and past participation history in their dashboard page. For ticket mode, users can track their “ticket number” for each participating round and the number of total participating users.

Claiming winning items

  • Winning items can be viewed via Raffle - Dashboard - My page.

  • Users must claim items from the “my page” for use in redi dr. Claimed items can be accessed in “items” menu.

  • Items earned through raffle can be sold in the “marketplace”

Other important guidelines

  • After the participating ticket is purchased and the transaction is complete, purchased tickets can not be canceled or refunded.

  • For each weekly round, users can participate in both ticket and lotto mode simultaneously. Nevertheless, maximum purchase is set for ticket and lotto mode separately.

  • By participating, users acknowledge that winning outcomes per round are based on predetermined guidelines and randomly chosen, and objections to the results will not be necessarily acknowledged.

  • Items earned through “raffle” can only be accessed, used, or traded within the boundaries of redi dr, and no individual transactions or other agreements can be executed without the acknowledgment of the service provider, REDI INFRANET PTE LTD.

  • Any transactions made through the participation in the raffle should be completed by the participating individual, including gas fees for engaging in the blockchain network.

  • Any other findings of voluntary and purposeful negligence nor altercation to the raffle logic and mechanics can result in items to be forfeited without prior notice.

  • Without prior notice, such regulations including but not limited to - total number of rounds, participation price per raffle, event duration, and number of winning users and items - can be altered or terminated.

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