Roadmap (2024)

for 2024 January ~ June

Energy business development

  • blockchain infrastructure for solar power generation forecasting

    • on-chain adoption of the current KPX power forecasting incentives program — from incentivizing users for submitting historical data used for forecasting, verifying automated submissions to Korea Power Exchange, to distributing end-point incentives to users

  • blockchain historical management power trading for solar-SME

    • providing the ecosystem for small and medium solar assets to participate in the power trading market

redi ecosystem

  • redi dr (season 2)

    • virtual simulation-to-earn campaign will begin its second season by incorporating greater number of RWAs

  • Sundy Portal

    • our first market-penetrable web3 project Sundy Portal and its key features will be incorporated to the to-be introduced redi dr season 2

community growth

  • community development program

    • details to be soon released by special report

  • redi global outreach

    • project rebranding, promotions and viral marketing strategies to increase global outreach and diversified business opportunities.


  • specific roadmaps may change due to market and/or regulatory changes

  • roadmap for second half of 2024 will be disclosed before June

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